Free Guide Download For: Online Stores That Sell High-Risk Products
The 'High-Risk'
Merchant Blueprint
Learn why ‘one size fits all’ merchant processing is putting your business at risk and the 5 simple yet powerful questions you can ask to help minimize the risk of being having funds held or shut down!

Everything You’ll Find Inside This Free Guide

The 5 Crucial Processor Considerations

Learn from seasoned industry experts with 15+ years in high-risk merchant services the RIGHT questions that can help you completely eliminate short and long term risks in choosing the wrong processor.

What To Look For In A Long-Term Merchant

Understand what differentiates one company to another and why having an experienced team at your disposal will become increasingly crucial in the near future.

Get Your Questions Answered And Find The Perfect Fit For You

You have a ton of questions that are not going to answer themselves… Why is CBD considered high risk by banks? Are my credit card processing fees to high? I got a chargeback, now what? I just don’t want to deal with any of this merchant stuff. Can you Help? YES, YES, and YES!

Hi, I’m Patricia Carlin

Founder of Merchant Account Managers, creator of the High-Risk Merchant
Blueprint and The Merchant Account Audit and I help ‘high-risk’ online businesses through comprehensive risk, payment strategy and management services.

Finding the right merchant partners can be incredibly difficult. With so many things to ‘keep watch over’ as a business owner, your merchant stability should not have to be one of them. Which is why we provide a personalized, tailored service that completely removes all stress from the equation.

Without this guide, you will continue to run the risk of leaving your business exposed and vulnerable, wondering if today is the day your ability to operate will be ripped out from underneath your digital feet.

With it, you eliminate all the guesswork and will never again waste time or money on sub-par merchant services, instead, enjoy peace of mind that your business is fully protected under the guidance and care of experienced professionals. 

We’ve Got You Covered
We know what questions need to be asked and answered to make accurate recommendations that will serve as long- term value-add to your business.
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